Network Security

The Ultimate Security for your Digital Assets in your Organisation

One stop Solution to protecting your Network from Virus, Ransomware and several other threats online and offline; designed exclusively for the MSME's. By using this solution you will not only protect your Network and the Nodes in your branch offices from the threats online but also from the Data thefts that can occur from your Computers & Servers Offline. It helps you track the activity of the users as well and helps you store data in one place, giving access to files as and when to whom so ever you wish to. In short this solution gives you 3 benefits required by all organisations.

  • Antivirus & Anti spam
  • File Storage & Disaster Recovery
  • Firewall & Data Theft Protection

Ultimate Security

Key Features

  • BLACKbox is a full fledged file server.
  • Innovative folder structure Enforcement.
  • Vault and workspace method.
  • Automatic Backup of Centralized Data.
  • Versioning of Data Backup to minimise the effect of Ransomware or Data Maniputation.
  • Domain Policies for Information Security.
  • Email Server with 1 innovative Email Shadowing and Security.
  • Firewall facility for all the devices.
  • USB Drive Policies with report generation.
  • Screen capture and playback for fraud investigation.
  • Hybrid Cloud technology for Laptops and branch offices.