Why is Sales Tracking important to Grow your Business?

Sales Tracking is one of the complicated additives of Sales Management. Sales tracking consists of monitoring Sales Team, Sales Process, and Sales Funnel. A suitable Tracking mechanism for Sales will bring about higher Sales Results.

Technically Tracking Sales way maintaining record and tune of all of the Sales associated records of Activities, Customers, leads and so forth, the use of CRM Tools. But in realistic phrases, the term is used to denote the hobby of retaining music on the Sales Activities.

Trying to control a Sales crew, while not having a proper Sales Tracking mechanism is a positive recipe for failure.

What is Sales Tracking?

It consists of preserving all of the facts of all of the patron interactions so that the entire Sales manner turns into in reality seen to all the involved. It entails tracking of Sales Team, Sales Process, Sales Funnel, Sales Activities and so forth.

Sales Tracking will enable Sales Managers to:

  1. Figure out Who is doing what? Whether Sales Team is doing their Sales activities properly and sufficient or no longer?
  2. What moves or inactions are causing a delay in closing the sales.
  3. Differentiate between the pretenders and performers.
  4. Determine whether the income group is going to satisfy the targets or no longer.

Sales Tracking enables Team Leaders and Managers to pick out Performers and Pretenders inside the team.

What is Sales Tracking App?

A System that is GPS enabled Mobile Application, that may music calls, SMS, emails, conferences, visits and responsibilities is called Sales Tracking app. This app can hold a song record of all the activities of the sales team and sales system. E.G., Calls, SMS,

The App is commonly an online utility available on PC as well as Mobile. However, it’s far by and large used on the cellular platform most effective for daily monitoring and status updates. The info captured via the App may be analysed in details on the Web App using exact reviews and charts.

Why is it essential to Track Sales?

No business can continue to exist with out Sales for a long time. This is the biggest motive to track income. However, the fundamental motives can be indexed as follows.

Protect Marketing Efforts and Budget:

Make sure that the leads captured correctly, from all of the assets. Analysis of leads generated source-wise, can assist us recognize the issues and benefits of the Marketing crew. Result of Leads generated. Source sensible end result tells us the effectiveness of the supply. Planning for marketing sports and budget is continually performed after analysing the leads source-clever and their outcome.

Ensure Proper comply with-up of Leads

The Fortune is within the followup. Even after producing leads, if the team isn’t always following up nicely, there’s no end result. Sales executives and Sales Managers want to tune leads closely.


Analyse Sales process, Sales Pipeline and Sales Funnel

Is the group following right sales method as laid down or are things going out of the technique? Also, the fitness of Sales Funnel at diverse ranges determines a steady drift of Sales figures. Achieving Sales Targets could be very tough inside the absence of a proper Sales method.


Track Performers v/s Pretenders

The Sales Team individuals are mainly cell and on the field. In the absence of a kingdom of the art Sales Tracking App, The Sales manager will in no way come to know who is appearing and who is pretending. In today’s world, the usage of Notebook, WhatsApp or spreadsheet does no longer help.


Analyse Close Deals

Without tracking sports of Individual Sales Rep, it might be difficult to close extra offers. Lost Deals evaluation also offers a whole lot of insights into the marketplace state of affairs and Sales Team functioning.


Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasts, Sales Targets and Sales Estimates are different things. In the absence of a proper Tracking mechanism, Sales Forecasts are never accurate.


Understand Customer Buying Journey

Why they’re buying Challenges that our answer solves Customer’s Decision-making technique.


Cost of Sales

CRM gives time and Cost analysis of all of the efforts done by means of the Sales Team.

Cost evaluation of Sales Team offers the value of Sales.

Sometimes, the size of the possibility does not justify the efforts.

Determine whether or not the qualification method is properly done or now not.

Competition Analysis

Real-time and floor degree competition is always confronted by means of the Sales Team.

Capturing competition statistics in CRM after which analyses it’s miles constantly more effective than a Market Research.

Business is a team sport, stated Steve Jobs. Likewise, Sales is likewise a Team Sport. Without Sales Tracking, the Sales crew cannot win.


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